“It works!  I am so happy it works.  I didn’t have to delay my trip.  Order them, attach them, and off I went – traveling to the other side of the world. Thanks, ZipperMend You Simply have the Best Zipper Pulls, Zipper Pull Replacements on the Market!”

– Roberta Flack – Singer / Actress

“I ordered ZipperMend for my 12 year old’s coat.  So simple to use he put it on himself – looks great, just like it was made for the coat – overall a very well made replacement pull.  It does our heart good to see someone deliver a simple, straightforward – and very economical solution to a common problem!  Many Thanks!”

– K. Josephson Stratford, CT

“I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your product. I have a pair of zip up motorcycle boots that had a broken zipper pull. The ZipperMend looks great and feels even sturdier than the original equipment. Clever, sturdy, easy to install, and performed exactly as advertised. Bravo!”

– James from Kentucky

“My order was received and I have placed one of the zipper pulls on my purse and it is perfect. Now I don’t have to worry about losing the zipper pull. I’m very pleased with your product. Thank you for making a great product.”

-B. Burns from New Castle, DE

“I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my ZipperMend zipper pull replacements.  I thought I was going to have to replace my luggage, at a cost of several hundred dollars, but now I don’t need to.  What a brilliant idea!!  Thanks so much.”

N. Thomas from West Hampton, NJ

“I just received the ZipperMends.  My boyfriend has a leather jacket of his favorite football team and hasn’t worn it in over 2 years because the zipper pull was broken.  I put the ZipperMend on and snapped it and it worked amazingly!!!!  My boyfriend is very impressed on how easy it was and is so happy to be able to wear his jacket again!”

-Sheila from Evart, MI

“I didn’t think I was going to be able to get my leather coat zipper fixed without getting it totally replaced and that is very expensive. Thank you Zipper Mend!”

– Mary from Lancaster, OH

“My boss ordered ZipperMend for a lost zipper pull on his golf bag. It worked perfect and he loved it. The folks at ZipperMend were great to work with

– Dee Dee from Schenectady, NY

“I just want to say I got the product and for something as simple as a zipper I’m impressed. I had never heard of ZipperMend before I did a search on Google. It was one of the first results and really the only thing I found in my quick search that was what I was looking for. I was expecting something cheap and plastic and ended up with a quality piece here. I am really happy to see it is metal and is sturdier than any of the zippers I have on all my bags. Again, great product and I’ll be telling my co-workers about this.”

– Anthony from Richmond, VA

“The airlines and TSA are getting ruff on your luggage these days and in many cases, the zipper gets the worst treatment. They all are in a hurry and “Mr. Zipper” gets lost! “ZipperMend” is the fix all to our zipper pull problems. Easy to install, several attractive colors and solid as a rock product. Zipper Mend…. Thanks for solving my problem!!”

– M. Webster from San Antonio, TX

“I was looking for a simple luggage zipper pull fix. Have to say that I love the product.  Saved me from spending considerable $ to have the bag repaired and it was easy to install. Thanks!”

– W. Camm from Indianapolis, IN

“I just want to say “I wish I thought of that”!!!!! A friend had a jacket that lost the   lead for the zipper, and I Googled to see if there was a quick zipper fix, and there you were! It took me all of 1 min to fix this problem and prevented me from having to replace the entire zipper. Thank you for a great product.”

– Joan from Merrimack, NH

“My Zipper Mends arrived today. The black zipper pull went very well with my Navy winter coat. I was worried they’d be fragile and loose, but Zipper Mends are much tougher than I expected. You have a very happy customer! Now my Broken Zipper Pull problems are over”

– Michael from Canada

“I found your product online looking to replace the broken, cheap zipper pull for my leather jacket. Your zipper pull part installs in seconds and is better quality than the original!  Outstanding!”

– Steve from Milwaukee, WI

“Thanks for an easy and inexpensive fix to our lost zipper pull. My son’s book-bag needed a quick repair and your product was just the solution. We snapped it on in seconds and out the door to school he went. I’m now looking around the house for all the other lost zipper pulls and will be placing another order soon!”

– Michael from Glen Allen, VA

“My backpack lost the main zipper tag so I went looking for an easy zipper fix without having to buy a brand new one. I bought a ZipperMend, took it home, and installed it in seconds. My silver ZipperMend looks great and blended in perfectly with my other zipper tags. I love my ZipperMend. Thanks for helping me keep my favorite backpack from going in the trash.”

– Morgan from Midlothian, VA