About Us

Our mission is simple:  Help people solve a common problem with a practical and inexpensive solution that will last.

We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service and in the products we sell. Our online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to purchase ZipperMend®:products.  Thank you to all the customers who have helped us grow to over 300,000 units sold in over 50 countries!

The history of ZipperMend®:

My name is Brian Cook, I live in Richmond, Virginia and I am the inventor of ZipperMend®:
I was a frequent traveler and owned 7 pieces of luggage that sat in the closet because the zipper pulls had been damaged by baggage handlers or had simply come off in use.

Each time the pulls came off I had to buy another travel bag because there was no professional solution to replace them.  When the 8th, and brand new, piece of luggage came out of the baggage claim with two more missing zipper pulls, I started thinking of making a high quality zipper pull replacement that would match the color of my zipper sliders.

The final straw was when within the next 3 weeks my leather jacket and both my winter coats lost their zipper pulls from frequent use. I looked around my house at all my family’s zippers. I discovered, In addition to my luggage and jackets, missing zipper pulls on backpacks, a purse, soccer bags, sweat jackets, a work portfolio, computer bag, golf bag, tent cover and cooler.   It was time for research.

I found on the internet that between 70-80 percent of all zipper failures were the results of the zipper pull coming off or breaking. People pieced together a temporary pull, replaced the entire zipper at a high cost, or purchased a new item. None of these worked for me. . . .

Additional first hand research showed that the average family had over 200 zippers in their house and almost every family had a need to replace one or many zipper pulls.  In fact, every family I talked to about the product wanted one right away. I set out to manufacture a high quality, affordable, and easy to attach zipper pull replacement designed to solve this problem.

After five years of design work, patent research and filing, trademark registration, tooling, and extensive quality testing, ZipperMend®: was born. .

ZipperMend®: is now established in the commercial market and over 300,000 units have been sold world wide.